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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Toneisha Vance
Mrs. Mascle
U.S History

Throughout history, many people have helped the economy and people in many ways, based on different ideas. The Great Society and Raeganomics were not very similar, and The Great Society was better than Raeganomics at improving America.

One difference between the two is The Great Society started programs, and Raeganomics used cutting taxes to make money. In Doc. 1 it states, “The Great Society is a place where every child can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talents”. It helped children not sit around restless, but actually do something with their lives. “In 1965, congress established the Medicare and Medicaid programs”, said in Doc. 4. Medicare pays for hospital and nursing home services, but Medicaid is a health insurance financed by federal and state government. In Doc. 8 it states “Raegan’s plan was based on a theory called supply-side economics”. Which is a theory that means taxes have to be in have to be cut for there to be an increase in supply. All these are ways in helping society differently.

There were also more differences ad achievements between The Great Society and Raeganomics. In Doc. 10 it proves “Raegan’s efforts to control government spending, federal budget deficits soared during his two terms in office”. Also, in Doc. 11 it states “Raegen and other conservatives opposed most government spending on social welfare. They believed that social programs stifled personal initiative and produced a dependence on government aid, thus trapping people in a cycle of poverty”. Doc. 3 says “the act created dozens of federal anti-poverty programs and an Office of Economic opportunity to oversee them”. The programs were made to revitalize blighted urban neighborhoods. These ideas also had an effect on society.

Lastly, The Great Society was more effective at battering the society, because they used programs to better the society instead of using money from them....
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