Advocacy: Child Abuse

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My advocacy is all about child abuse in the field of physical abusing to those children who are treated imperfectly. I just want to advocate this because sometimes I can see some children who are abused physically. And some children are died because of this. Sometimes I can see some children who are not going to their school because they have a trauma. Their mental condition is affected so their studies are also affected. So, I want to solve this problem in order to help other children.


CHILD ABUSE is the maltreatment of a child, whether habitual or not. A very complex and dangerous set of problems that include child neglect and the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children.

PHYSICAL ABUSE is abuse involving contact intended to cause feelings of intimidation, pain, injury, or other physical suffering or harm.


20 child abuse cases noted in Mountain Province
DESPITE the presence of laws and the continuous intensive campaign against child abuse conducted by concerned agencies, children continue to be abused. Senior Inspector Ruel Tagel of the Mountain Province Provincial Police, during the Provincial Council for the Protection of Children meeting, said there are 20 cases of abuses to children from January to August.

Tagel said of the number, nine are rape, five are acts of lasciviousness, four are physical injuries, one is on violation of Republic Act (RA) 7610 (other forms of abuses), and one for trespass to dwelling.

He said of the nine rape cases, five were filed in court, two were amicably settled, one is indorsed to the prosecution, and the other one is indorsed to the social welfare department for diversion. Seven of the rape suspects are adults aged between 30 and 70 years old while the other two are minors aged 14 and 17 years old. For the five acts of lasciviousness, two were already filed in court and two were indorsed to the prosecution. The other one that was filed in court was dismissed because the victim executed an affidavit of desistance. Four of the suspects are adults aged 27 to 44 years old and the other one is 18 years old.

The municipality of Paracelis has the most number of abused children with 10, followed by the municipality of Bontoc with four, Bauko and Sadanga with three each, and Tadian with two. The municipalities of Natonin, Sabangan, Sadanga, Tadian and Sagada have one child abuse case each.

Tagel said it is only the municipalities of Besao and Barlig that do not have reports on abuses to children.

Children Forced Onto Front Lines Of Conflicts In Mindanao
Thousands of innocent children have been drawn into the Mindanao war. Even before President Estrada proclaimed war in Mindanao, child soldiers had been sighted, captured and killed in the war against the communist New People’s Army (NPA). According to Reuben C. Carranza, an Assistant Secretary of National Defense (DND) lawyer, the NPA and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are major recruiters of children. In a report by Agence-France Presse, the vice chief of staff, General Victor Mayo, claims that 13 percent (1,170) of the NPA’s fighting force of 9,000 are children between the ages of 12 and 16. Director of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Jean Luc-Blondel stated in a report on “Children and Armed Conflict” that the two groups have intensified their recruitment of children since 1998. The children that are fighting are generally between the ages of 13 and 17. The NPA’s recruitment philosophy is based on the principle that “Anyone who is fit, regardless of sex, AGE, race, nationality or religion, who has the capacity to fight, and is ready to participate in a protracted armed struggle against the reactionary state power, may be a member of any fighting unit of the NPA.” The MILF chairman stated that “We are planting the seeds of struggle in the minds of young people so that future generations will be able to fight for...
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