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Jade Haron
17 December 2011
Wake-UP Energy Drink Design Process
Goal for Wake-UP Ad Campaign
The goal for Wake-UP Energy Drink (Wake-Up) Ad is to inform consumers that the new Wake-UP Energy Drinks are made with all natural ingredients with great taste and that there are seven flavors, both sugar and sugar-free. Wake-UP conducted research and will have to create a brand name because there are hundreds of energy drink brands on the market (Watson). Since 2006, energy drinks have become a 5.7 billion industry with over 500 new energy drinks on the market worldwide (Malinauskas, Brenda M., et al). Wake-UP major competitors include Red Bull, Amp, Monster, Rock Star, Rip It, and Full Throttle (Malinauskas, Brenda M., et al). Target Audience for Wake-UP

Wake-UP target audience is college students, males and females, between the ages of 18 to 35 years old (Malinauskas, Brenda M., et al). Energy drink usage for college students is popular because of insufficient sleep, studying for final exams, working on a major course project, or needing more energy in general (Malinauskas, Brenda M., et al). What Should Wake-UP Ad Say?

Wake-UP slogan is “Make Wake-UP Your Wake-Up Call.” Wake-UP comes in seven different flavors, including sugar and sugar-free. The ad will also say that when one is tired, they can get a wake-up call by having a Wake-UP energy drink. The theme for the ad will be in a library. The ad will show two college students studying, and one student will be sleeping. The Wake-UP energy drink will be sitting on the desk next to the sleeping student and will have an emotion statement “Hey, Dude! I’m Your Wake-Up Call!” The female student is drinking her Wake-UP energy drink and is deep in concentration on her studying. Wake-UP Ad Mediums

Wake-UP will use several ad mediums because that will provide a better opportunity to get product recognition from college students and recent graduates (Media Mate). Wake-UP will create a YouTube commercial...
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