Papaya - Lemon Energy Drink

Topics: Vitamin C, Caffeine, Water Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: July 19, 2011
Investigatory Project
Phase 1: The Proposal

I. Problem
What is the importance of energy drink to our lives? Why ____ is a good Energy Drink?

II. Title:

III. Rationale

Energy drinks are beverages which contain legal stimulants, vitamins and minerals, including caffeine, guarana, taurine, various forms of ginseng, maltodextrin, carnitine and ginkgo biloba. Lemons have high energy content and rich in vitamin C. They are low in calories and high in potassium content. 100 grams of lemon gives 57 kcal energy and 0.9 gram of fat and have 1.7 grams of fiber. These properties of lemon make it a suitable refreshing drink for all including calorie watchers.

IV. Materials
* Papaya juice
* Lemon
* Blackstrap Molasses
* Chopping Board and Knife, Gloves
* Purified water

VI. Implication

The _______can help us people to be strong in doing any kinds of activities everyday. It will also help a lot in making our body strong and healthy because of the vitamins it has and the price is affordable. It is also less pollution because of the utilization of organic substances so it also helps our environment. I

VII. Time Table

a. Submission of the Problem/Title| | |
b. Writing the IP Proposal| | |
c. Submission of the IP Proposal| | |
d. Investigation Period| | |
e. Submission of Gathered Data| | |
f. Writing the IP report| | |
g. Submission of the IP Written Report| | |
h. Making the Exhibit Board| | |
i. Preparing for the Oral Defense| | |

VIII. Our budget is not that expensive for one of as has already a plant of papaya and a lemon at home we just need to find and buy the Blackstrap molasses which the price is affordable that’s why we are allowed by our parents to do this Investigatory project.
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