Advertisements and Their Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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  • Published: December 5, 2011
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Advertising is a subset of marketing, a form of communication intended to persuade people to purchase or take any action with respect to the products or the services. In today's world, firms don't hold back in spending millions of dollars on advertising and marketing. The obvious reason being that the competition is very high and every firm wants to sell its product and make it a brand. Effective advertising techniques used in advertisements make a world of difference in sales prospects of a product. Advertising effectiveness is measured by the role the advertisement has played in making the product a real success and how well it has connected with the customers. For print media it is very important to see how well it is doing in communicating itself to the customers. Ad effectiveness helps the advertiser to understand it gives way to make appropriate steps thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the print media. The research paper deals with the study of effectiveness of print media ads .This has been evaluated on the basis of a few brands of a consumer durable. The study is significant to advertisement. The analysis shows significant difference between the various brands of a specific consumer durable with respect to personal variables .The finding suggests that there occurs significant difference at a given level of significance. INTRODUCTION

Consumer impact and influence is growing.  "Marketing has finally become a conversation. Not between corporations and consumers, but rather a global conversation involving millions of consumers. Advertising is just another form of it. As being incorporated or associated with the marketing process, advertising finds its position in every organization. Since the days of the Romans, advertising has been practiced; but the earliest indication of its use in this country dates back to the middle Ages, when the use of the surname indicated a man’s occupation. The next stage in the evolution of advertising was the use...
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