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Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Play Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: April 23, 2013
My choice for this advertisement is the new iPad, from the company Apple. I have chosen the new iPad, because it's brand new, and people all round the world knows it. There is a big target group for the new iPad - I will return to that later. I have chosen the form of the advertisement to be post cards. My starting point is Aalborg. My idea, is that the staff from Apple could hand postcards to passers-by in the streets of Aalborg. The postcards are a new idea to get news out to the people. With a postcard you can send a message to people you like, and then they also will see the new iPad, in this way there is a lot of people who will see, and get knowledge of the new iPad. The target group for the new iPad is big, so I will divide them in five groups: Target group from 1-12 years

I will call this target group for learning, because in this age, children have to learn about everything around them, and an iPad is a good technical aid for the children. You can download learning apps, for example: Learn the alphabet, school help, learn the letter and so on. Target group from 12-18 years

I will call this target group for have fun, because in this age, you have learned almost all about the basis of writing and reading. This target group may use the iPad to play games on. And of course the iPad can be very useful in school because you can read books on it, which might appeal more to people of this age rather than reading an old fashioned book. Still you can play learning games, but you can also play normal games like angry birds or use social network such as Twitter and Facebook. Target group from 18-30 years

I will call this target group for students, because in this age most people are studying, and then the iPad is a good aid. You can use the iPad to search on the internet, write notes in word. The iPad is also good for students, because it's handy and it's easy to carry in the school bag. Target group from 30-65

I will call this target group...
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