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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Ad Essay

The Shining is a suspenseful thriller novel about a man who goes phsycho and does unspeakable things to his family. The print ad for the novel “The Shining” by Stephen King appeals to the targeted audience of our classmates and peers by appealing to pathos, ethos, and logos, as a result of being a suspenseful thriller, the print ad of the novel will appeal to pathos through motifs in the story, the word “redrum” and a croquet mallet (in the movie it’s an axe) – all of which re foreshadowing symbols of what is to happen in the story. The ad appeals to logos through its isolated antiqued setting – the overlook hotel, and to ethos by providing a well-known critic’s opinion of the novel.

This ad of the shining appeals to ethos – the ethical appeal. In order to demonstrate ethos for a print ad advertising “The Shining” by Stephen King, a way to appeal to the ethics of the speaker is to provide an important critics opinion of the novel. It would obviously be a positive writing about the book. This will ethically help Stephen King and will get our classmates to read the book. The reason for this is that most adolescents nowadays all “Follow the Crowd”.

This ad also appeals to pathos which is the emotional appeal. The print ad will aim to daunt its audience by displaying the horrifying images and events that take place in Stephen King’s thriller novel such images and events include a croquet mallet, wasps, and the word “redrum” and other reoccurring symbolic images/motifs. When the ad viewers see these enticing symbols the way their brain reacts is by telling them oh this is cool maybe you should give this book a try.

Lastly there is Logos appeal is the appeal of logic or reasoning. The logos appeal of this ad will be the setting of the novel – the Overlook hotel. An isolated, antiquated hotel with a long and disguised history – the history would include a previous caretaker who killed his family after becoming a hopeless alcoholic and losing his...
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