Advantages of Wireless Networks in a Hospital

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  • Published : March 20, 2010
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Advantages of Wireless Networks in a Hospital
Jeffrey Rader

When healthcare adapted to wireless networks, it provided so many efficient ways of promoting a greater care for the patient. Although having some drawbacks with the technology, which will be discussed later in this writing. The combination of wireless and healthcare can provide many advances and solve many issues that have plagued the field in the past. Effectiveness of wireless networks allows the nurse and doctor to send a prescription into a pharmacy and then able to receive the medication so the patient can acquire the treatment at a faster rate than normally done in the past. This is also a plus, because the proper paperwork is completed electronically when the actual orders are made on the system from the patient’s bedside. In the medical environment, the computer system uses a timestamp after each process. This is important data to use in reporting for legal and training issues. Previously, the nurse or doctor would have to walk to different areas of the hospital to make the same steps over a period of a day; this would have resulted in hours of work that are now eliminated by the network. This in turn, gives a larger number of patients more coverage and a better outcome.

Another example of effectiveness would be the nurse can now receive the results of a lab test by sending in a doctor’s order to run a study on the patient. As compared to the pharmacy, a lab result can be just as important with time because the correct or quick diagnosis to a sickness or ailment can prevent a lengthy stay for the patient involved. Getting the right results in the timely manner can also avert the spread of a virus or bacteria that could encompass more than one patient. Most recently, such cases of H1N1 had a direct concern to the world and a more efficient process enabled the patient to get the right treatment and settle the spread of a disease. Most people would not think that something like the...
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