Advantages of Information Systems

Topics: Information systems, Decision theory, Information system Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: January 17, 2011
"The advantages of Information Systems in Business today"
Information systems have significantly transformed the way business is conducted. In today's society it would be pretty difficult to find an organization that does not use some form of technology, automation or information system to help run its operational and daily transactional processes. Most common types of information systems used in business organizations are Electronic and mobile commerce systems, Transaction processing systems, Management information systems and Decision support systems. Information systems are so important for business today because of its Operational excellence, new products, services, and business models, Customer and supplier intimacy, improved decision making, Competitive advantage and Survival. Here are a few of the top advantages of using information systems in business: Increased Productivity

When automation takes over some of the burden of the more mundane and routine tasks, the rapid speed increases productivity. In addition employees are free to work on other important tasks that require human thinking. Less Redundancy and Better Data Integrity

Computer information systems can be programmed to have amazing ability to eliminate duplicates, point out inconsistencies and merge data together to make it more manageable. This heightens the ability for higher degrees of accuracy and efficiency. Data integrity means the data is more reliable due to the capabilities of automation. Increased Efficiency

Inputting data into information systems where it can be sorted, filed and processed is highly efficient. Long gone are the days of filing cabinets, missing papers, misfiled documents and other important details. If information is needed, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse or a few works typed in and all the information immediately pops right up. Streamlining of Processes

Instead of having separated computer systems for different parts of a business, modern information...
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