Advantages Due to Hiring Maid

Topics: Time, Family, Home Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The maid is a system that involve non-local who is not from our family members who work at our home. According to Zuhaila (2012) the article in NSTP dated March 11. “Some families say their household will just not be able to function well without a maid”. So with the existence of a maid, it not only brought many benefits for the community but it can ease the burden of parental in order to taking care the home, children and others, especially for careers parents. Although many people have negative perception of hiring maid, I believe that hiring maid is important due to several advantages.

The first advantage is it will cut the cost of sending children to nursery. As we know that the cost of sending children to nursery is expensive nowadays. Not only the nursery, hired a babysitter just for a few hours will cost much higher than hiring a maid. According to Kwa on her speech “Now days, a fee for a monthly babysitter is around RM750 and above, and the cost will increase depend on how many children in the house” (Kwa, The Star, 2012). On the other hand, parents can reduce the times that wasted of sending and fetching children from the nursery. Because of that, hiring a maid can take care of children when parents go to work. Parents also do not worry about the payment every month because our government is standardizing the fee that parents need to pay the maid.

The second advantage is it will reduce the burden of doing the house chores. As we know, as a parent their needs to taking care about their career and their duty of doing house chores. Because of that, many locals are waiting to hire maids again as to meet their needs (Raja Zulkeply Dahlan, 2012). In addition, the maid is also a savior for parents who are experiencing stress over the situation in the workplace and home. For a career parents, sometimes the stress at the workplace will be carried away to the house and if at home, the condition not very smooth it will give more pressure on the parents....
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