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This essay is about disciplining children. It will focus on the various disadvantages and advantages of disciplining children. To begin with will it will firstly present the disadvantage of disciplining children which includes firstly it leads to rebellious behavior of children secondly it contributes to emotional fallout in children and finally it will focus on the psychological effects on children. Thereafter it will focus on the advantages of disciplining children. The advantages are it develops self-control and self-discipline. Likewise, it strengthens relationships. And finally it teaches responsibility to children. This essay will conclude that the advantages of disciplining children outweigh the disadvantages.

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The advantages and disadvantages of Disciplining Children
Children are prone to wrongdoings and tend to break rules and misbehave at one time or other. To overcome these situations parents should discipline their children in order to instill better behavior and increase a child’s ability to determine right from wrong. However, disciplining children have various advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it is very important to identify what are the advantages and disadvantages of disciplining children. Thereby this essay will focus on the various disadvantages and advantages of disciplining children. To begin with, one of the disadvantages of disciplining children is that it leads to rebellious behavior. Children have their own capabilities and forcing them to foster certain rules results in them thinking negatively about themselves, hence makes children more aggressive and intolerable. As said by Safiana (Sitaitoga.S,2011) in a district meeting in Macuata that harshly disciplining children can only cause rebellion in children and suggests that best way to discipline children is to talk to them. For example, if a child is scolded in the presence of others could cause them to retaliate and as result the children may...
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