Topics: Education, Special education, Discipline Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Write a reflection journal of 300-350 words that addresses the following questions:

a.What are the 5 key points in the assigned readings?
Special needs children’s discipline often differs from regular education students. •Case laws have helped set the standard for special education student’s discipline. •Discipline is not an easy matter with special education/needs students because the circumstances are different with each child (GCU, 2012). •Expulsions are not recommended because change of placement. •Punishing a child for behaviors out of their control is not within the realm of reasonable (Osborne & Russo, 2007). b.Include a discussion about your prior beliefs about discipline of special needs children. How have the readings altered your beliefs? Discipline issues for special needs children are not an easy matter. Throughout the years of dealing with my own children and talking to parents of children who have disabilities I have learned a lot about how a special needs child is supposed to be disciplined at school. However, through the readings and talking with administrators it is not as cut and dried as it seems from a parent’s point of view. There is a lot more that goes into and is involved in disciplining a special needs child than I had previously thought. c.Based upon your experience in education, how might you apply this content to a classroom and instruction? When disciplining students whether they are general education or special education a teacher or administrator needs to take into account many things, there are the child’s needs, disabilities and the circumstances revolving around the incidence. By maintaining a balance and ensuring that we know each child’s issues and needs as well as the approved disciplinary actions will help n the long run. Many students will see another child acting out and wonder why they can get away with it, however if a teacher does not make a big deal out of disciplining a child in certain ways or ways...
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