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Topics: Fallacy, Appeal, Appeal to emotion Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: April 22, 2013
1) This ads depicts the danger of smoking and why one should quit smoking before it is too late. The strategy of the ad maker uses was to appeal to emotion of the readers by depicting a man who is holding a device near his throat for him to use in order to speak. The makers of the ad also use the strategy of ethos as the gives the person credibility to tell people why people should quite smoking by telling them his own experience of smoking and throat cancer. Also, there is a use of cause and affects of smoking, by the ad maker’s use of the combination of a quote from a throat cancer victim and a picture of him having to use a device to speak. 2) The only fallacies that seems to appeal to readers is the belief that all smokers will get throat cancer and that once one has throat cancer they have to use a vocal device in order to speak, which in reality may depend and vary from person to person. 3) The overall appeal of the ad is used to emphasize on the affects of smoking and why people strongly discourages it due to its possible side effects of throat cancer. The man depicted seems to portray himself more elderly, therefore portray an image of how smoking may affect people in the long run as they get older. [pic]

1) This ads is trying to sell a new product by Rimmel. The ad makers use of red and black coloring attracts the attention of people to the ad immediately. There are also uses of different size fonts and bolding certain words in order to emphasize meaning such as “NEW EXTREME BLACK MAGNIF EYES MASCARA.” This use of all caps and highlight in red catches the reader attention to the description of what this new product is. The ad makers also uses statistics listed on the bottom saying “70% more VERTICAL LASHES…” Again the ad makers uses caps in order to emphasize important parts of the information the company wants readers to know about their new product. The use of statistics show home much more of an improvement their product is over earlier...
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