Adopting A New Behavior: Physical Well Being

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Adopting A New Behaviour: Physical Wellbeing

Mildred Loreto

Norquest College

HEED 1000

Assignment 2- Scholarly Paper: Part 1

Annette Brokenshire

September 27, 2011

Life, in all its aspects and phases is susceptible to change from the moment it starts until it withers or ends. An example of such changes in life, are the changes in behavior and the adopting of new behaviors in order to create changes. Much like life itself, the process of changing behavior(s) are also susceptible to what is around it – whether its social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual factors. This paper will be discussing about my efforts in adopting and achieving physical wellbeing, its influencing and disabling factors, my goals with measurable criteria, and strategies supporting the adoption of this new healthy behavior.

Achieving Physical Wellness

According to Hales and Lauzon (2010), there are six dimensions of wellness: social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions (p. 9). Upon taking the Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire on the Testwell website, results show that the dimension of wellness where I score the lowest is the Physical Dimension, with a score of 30.0. Hales and Lauzon (2010) also states that “Physical wellness is met through participation in regular physical activity…learning about healthy eating habits supports the tenet of physical wellness” (p. 10). With or without having taken the health assessment test, I was already aware of how inactive I am physically. Personally, my reasons for selecting physical wellness as my new healthy behavior to adopt, was not so much for its outward physical benefits, but even more so for its inner physical effects and psychological effects that can help me be at my best while studying. For those who are physically active, the immune system, the ability to cope through different types of stress is heightened, leading to a much healthier wellbeing.

Over the years of eating foods high in fats, refined sugars, including processed and fast foods, I have grown to become sensitive to its effects the moment, making me feel less energized and heavy. So over time, I’ve gradually become more and more aware and watchful about my daily consumption. According to “” in their article called “The Mood Food Connection (2002), different foods can trigger the neurotransmitters in our brain to produce different chemicals in our body, in cases such as foods high in fat and carbohydrates can trigger Serotonin to be released into our system making us feel calm, sleepy and sluggish. Personally, I don’t feel calm whatsoever when I eat fatty or high in carbohydrate food, even more so, I feel heavy and less energetic.

In addition to awareness to daily consumption, physical wellbeing can also lead to a healthier immune system, making anyone engaged into physical active less susceptible to diseases. Hales and Lauzon (2010), states that stress can be hazardous to physical health, to the extent that it can suppress the immune system (page 30). As a student at the current moment, my life is full of stressors, and I feel that at any given moment my health is going to suffer if I don’t do anything to decrease my susceptibility.

Another benefit to physical wellness is its effects on psychological health. Our lives are full of psychological stressors, even more so, I believe that a student’s life is full of it. Hales and Lauzon (2010) states that, “Exercise is a good way to both prevent and treat psychological problems”, they go on to say that people who exercise regularly are generally healthier physically and mentally.

Influencing and Disabling Factors

There are three major factors that influence my ability to attain physical wellbeing that I wish to adopt, they are: Predisposing factors, are factors that lead one to be motivated; Enabling factors, are factors that help or are factors that are...
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