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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Adopt an Element

To research two elements on the periodic table and create a neat, colorful, and creative 8.5’ x 11’ poster on colored paper that highlights the following information: • Symbol (lettering must be 11 cm high, minimum must be placed in the left hand corner) • Name of element (lettering must be 2 cm high, minimum Must be underneath the symbol.) • Atomic number (lettering must be 2 cm high, minimum Must be placed in the top right hand corner) • Uses (lettering must be 1 cm high, minimum; be creative!) • Fast facts (see grading rubric, for details)

• Anything else that will add innovation, creativity, and uniqueness to your poster

Materials and resources
• You may use a variety of reference sources.
• Fast Fact sheets must be neat, written in black ink, and contain all the information requested. • Crayons/markers/colored pencils/paints
• Fast facts sheet on which to complete this assignment

Element Fast Facts

Name of element _________________________ Symbol _____________________

Atomic number_____________________ Atomic weight _______________________

Classification _________________________________________________________ Group in periodic table__________________________________________________ Period in Periodic Table ________________________________________________ Standard state (Solid, Liquid, Gas) ____________Color on Periodic Table _________ Origin of name / Symbol _______________________________________________

Discovered by ________________________ Discovered at ____________________

Obtained from _____________________________________________________ Cost per 100g _______________________________________________________ Uses
1. ______________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________________

Adopt an Element Rubric
1. Symbol (11cm minimum, left hand...
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