Adjusting to Terrorism. Essay

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  • Published : August 26, 2012
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Adjusting To Terrorism
Kenneth Foster
University of Phoenix

As this country continues to change and evolve, several issues are still prevalent, such as terrorism. Ever since the 9/11 terrorism attack, the stigma of terrorism has been at the forefront for criminal justice agencies. In a recent situation, several men from Toccoa, GA, were involved in a terrorist plot to blow up government facilities and kill hundreds of human with the use or poison, by way of the bean plant, which is used for killing moles and a key ingredient in ricin, a deadly poison (Severson, Brown, 2011).

In this current situation, local and federal law enforcement were involved, and due to local law enforcements initial involvement, it seems that some things were missed, despite the men being apprehended on conspiracy charges. I would have to make a change, and this change would come in the form of more effective information gathering. The benefit of this change for the local law enforcement agency would allow the force to be up to date on any or all information, as it pertains to the citizens of that county or city, as well as sharing vital information with other criminal justice agencies, such as the FBI and ATF. In this particular story, these men were suspected members of the Georgia Militia, and had ties to various off-shoot organizations in the South that oppose the government.

The negative consequences of the change may come in the form of Fourth Amendment challenges, and the idea that law enforcement is invading a person’s privacy, which is also protected by the Constitution, but do to the Patriot Act, this has allowed the government and criminal justice agencies to pry into a person’s business and life without consequence. Another negative aspect is the possibility that information can be abused, and according to the IACP “abuse can happen if such operations are not properly organized, focused, and directed” (2003).

There are several resources that factor into this...
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