Adjusting to Terrorism

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Adjusting to Terrorism Paper
Stephon Smith

Adjusting to Terrorism
Due to significant changes within the criminal justice system in the United States of America, the effort to combat terrorism has grown to be more effective. The terrorist attack that occurred during September 11, 2001, this terrorist attack happen to take place on American soil and become and monumental period in American history. Prior to September 11, 2001, the United States was more in a relax mode when regarding to a federal, state, and local problems. The resources were not leveraged in certain cities and the capacity tended to focus on terrorism. The changes that required significant analysis on the attacks reflected how the country and local agencies around the country have adjusted to the threat of terrorism. A major component in the criminal justice system has contributed to the adjustment of the attack for the Department of Homeland Security.

I would consider using the Patriot Act which is defined as a response to terrorist attacks to September 11th, significantly reduced restrictions in a law enforcement agency. The intelligence of gathering information is for the United States of America. The combat efforts that I have gathered to aid my situation and provision of the Patriot Act are to prevent another catastrophic attack on United States soil. I have already proved extraordinarily beneficial for the war on terrorism that we have to the opportunity to use and tackle it head on. By resulting in a free flow of information that can be retrieve and coordinated between different law enforcement agencies can help produce the intelligence information that is need to show the expansion of our ability to use all appropriate resources to prevent terrorism.

My next step is trying and improves the technology in the US. Many experts tend to think that it is unnecessary for us to focus on vehicle crossing the borders. Majority of the vehicles crossing the border...
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