Addressing Team Challenges

Topics: Communication, Conflict, Cross-cultural Pages: 5 (1520 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Running head: Addressing the challenges of Groups and Teams. The case of Enron
Hassan J. Koroma
University Of Phoenix
Dr. Alvin Steward, III
November 25, 2008.

The success of any business enterprise depends on key factors including the proper planning and implementation of viable business plans. Critical to the success of the business are good leadership, communication and effective organizational management. The challenges that generally affect progress usually emanates from one of these areas. A case in point is the failure of Enron executives to address time sensitive and lingering problems regarding conflict, transparency, un ethical, misleading and corrupt practices. Our training plan was designed to target potential conflict areas and group challenges. Among other things, the training addressed the following key components of team management: communication, collaboration, leadership, and diversity and conflict resolution strategies. The objective of this paper is to evaluate some of the training goals acquired from team discussion and apply such strategies to the problems faced by Enron and how it demise could have been prevented. A summary application of key essential factors will include stages of a successful project planning. An organizational analysis will determine what kind of training was needed. Additional concerns such as resources available, personal analysis, employees’ relations, and attitude, task analysis including the identification of skills, expectations and potential challenges are also very relevant to this project. Based on different personalities and cultural diversity, it will be practically difficult to achieve business goal without effective communication. Communication

Communication is the centerpiece of any business entity. It is critical to the successful operation of business and includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and body language. Stephen and Timothy define communication as “as must include both the transference and understanding of meaning ’’ (P.4.2007) Poor communication also leads to interpersonal conflicts and deadlock. The training program addressed the concern for clear communication by stating four essential factors, which included control, motivation, emotional expression, and information. The behavior of team members may be controlled based on team expectations regarding respect for one another, professional statements and appropriate use of language. The plan also addressed the need to motivate positive behavior and achievement by giving praise and feedback to improve performance. Members are also required to provide information needed by the group in a timely and responsible manner to help the group make appropriate decisions and evaluate alternative choices. The communication process must involve a clear purpose or message that passes between the sender and the receiver who encodes through a channel that translates the message of the sender and resulting to the transference of one message to another. Other forms of communication include interpersonal and organizational; grape vine (rumors and its negative consequences must be discouraged among members.) Also, computer aids such as electronic mail, instant messaging, intranet and Internet, video conferencing are other forms of communication available for appropriate use. To ensure clarity in communication, the following challenges regarding cross-cultural behaviors must be understood: semantics, connotations, tone differences, perception and high and cultural contest. To minimize misperception, misinterpretations and misevaluation of members with cultural differences, the following steps must be noted: never assume differences until similarity is proven. Emphasize description rather than interpretation and treat interpretation as working hypothesis. With Enron, communication was loose without any direct impact...
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