Enron Training Plan

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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Many questions are still being raised concerning the collapse of Enron. The aftermath of Enron’s fall has brought review of the actions that took place prior to the collapse. Many of these questions may be left unanswered. The company’s executive management, board of directors, and auditors hold the responsibility for the ultimate collapse of a once dominant force in the energy industry. Team A developed several options in a plan that could have possibly helped Enron avoid their demise. The plan is designed to discuss the benefits and challenges of communication, collaboration and conflict management. It will provide an opportunity to the management team of Enron the benefits of developing strong communication between all employees and ways to resolve conflict.

The first step in the plan involves improving communication. Faulty communication in an organization can lead to unnecessary confusion and problems, that can be difficult to repair, if not responded to immediately. The training plan will allow employees to understand the importance of effective communication and how to become effective communicators. Effective communication includes the transfer and the understanding of meaning. The members of Enron’s executive board, board of directors, audit members all members of Enron’s team or group. The members of Enron’s organizational group lacked good leadership. Leaders are willing and able to communicate to employees to help achieve short term and long team goals. The communication between leaders and their employees helps builds relationships. Communication serves four functions within an organization or group (Robbins & Judge, 2007). One of these functions is control. Organizations have a chain of command and guidelines to be followed by employees. When employees are required to first communicate any job-related grievance to their boss or comply with company policy, communication is performing a control function. At the top of Enron’s...
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