Addiction to Internet

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Shama Shaleha
English 1002: College Writing II
Dr. Cynthia Andrzejczyk
Addiction to Internet
In the text The Globalization of Addiction, Bruce Alexander emphasizes the four different types of addiction (Addiction1, Addiction2, Addicition3, and Addiction4), which include behavioral disorders that apply to habitual uses of technology including the Internet, video games, and other modern technological gadgets. The traditional definition of addiction in the Oxford English Dictionary “Humans beings often undergo full psychological metamorphoses by becoming so involved with a new habit or pursuit that their involvement is comparable to voluntary slavery” (Alexander 30). However, the new definition of Addiction states, “Overwhelming involvement with any pursuit whatsoever (including, but not limited to, drugs or alcohol) that is harmful to the addicted person, to society, or to both” (Alexander 29). The classification of the addiction: Addiction 1(Alcohol), Addiction 2(Substance abuse (drug)), Addiction 3(Behavior addiction), and Addiction 4(Devote (excessive) turn cause/action).

Since an individual spends immoderate time in their addiction to whatever it is, he or she will change what they do and who they are overall to accustom the addiction. If an individual follows in the category of Addiction type 3, he or she will not change what they do, but they change who they are completely to habituate their addiction. (Alexander 35)

Even though an individual might drink alcohol, it is not necessary that they are addicted to drinking as classified on Addiction1. On the other hand, if an individual spends moderate amount of time on a particular activity, it is not necessarily that they are addicted to that particular activity as classified in Addiction3. With the guidelines of counselors, self-help groups, or other programs to help treat the people who are classified under Addicition1, similarly the same steps can help treat the type three-addiction...
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