Adany Tv Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Marketing management, Brand management Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: March 21, 2011
By: N.Srikanth Kulandai Velu Dileep Kumar Satya Kumar Tanmay Tarkar

ADANY Potential Pitfalls
• No Marketing Plan Management System. • Speculative attitude • Changing dynamics- not proactive

TV Market Scenario -1995
• Penetration of 24% • Demand for consumer durables has increased with rising income levels • Double-income families, changing lifestyles, availability of credit, increasing consumer awareness • Introduction of new models • Post liberisation –competition from Imported Players

Demand drivers
• • • • • • • • • The degree of distribution network in the market. The advertising and marketing strategy adopted by the players in the industry. The brand image of the product as perceived by the consumer. The technology used by the company viz. state-of-art technology or an older version. The ability of the company to introduce newer products and newer product features The capability of the company to service its products The market positioning of the product The cost competitiveness and pricing strategy of the company The financial strength of the players

ADANY-What should it Do?
• • • • • • Leverage Knowledge of the local market. Focus On Growing CTV segment. Better Brand Positioning: Product has to be made visible. Indian culture : ‘Value for Money’ and reliability. Retailers: Seasonal sales to be exploited by discount schemes and consumer finance Strong distribution network: Tough competition means that a proper mindshare of the consumer has to be maintained and the Volumes in this business are narrow and profitability comes from volumes. To achieve volumes, deep penetration of the market is necessary. Adany scores a point here as being in the market for a longer time; they have developed strong distribution channels. Exploit Rural markets for B&W TV sales.

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