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"Education should be considered not as a moulding of perfectly plastic substances, nor as a filling of empty minds, nor as a creation of powers, but rather as the provision of opportunity for healthy bodily and mental life. I am only one. But still, I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something, and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

February 27, 2013 the day I was scheduled for my teaching demo to the first year students, major in Social Studies. Waking up that morning was an arduous job I never had enough sleep the night before that day, I almost overslept. Good thing that I had my cell phone to give me an alarm and thus notifying me that it was already time to get up. I brushed my teeth, ate my breakfast, took a bath notwithstanding the shivering and freezing temperature, get into my uniform and finally, wait for the bus. I set my clock 1 hour advance to preclude the possibility of being late furthermore, just like the alarm the clock will give me an impression that I have a diem to carpe. Therefore, any negligence on my part will constitute forfeiture of my opportunity to conduct my demo teaching, for that day was my definitive chance to accomplish it and worst my grade would be jeopardize if I fail to attend thereto. That was a now-or-never scenario. I ran as fast as I could upon reaching the first gate of College of Education, and went immediately to the classroom where the presence of the first year students who at that day will be my students, is conspicuous and made evident by their noisiness inside the same. When I came in, I asked them, “Will you be having class to Professor Naz this morning?”Our Professor will arrive at 7:30 sir. Thank goodness, I am not late. Well, I will be having my teaching demo here in your class and I am expecting that you will all chip in the discussion. Moreover, all of them were very happy when I said that I will be teaching them that morning. And someone told me, “sir we were very pleased that you will be having your demo teaching herein aside from the fact that you are a very intelligent person, the reason is that Prof. Naz will be having an exam this morning as soon as she arrived, unfortunately we are unprepared to take the exam on account of our several projects which were hitherto unresolved. “There are times sir that we commit procrastination, and it does not necessarily imply that we are not taking our studies seriously. I know you can very well understand the situation we’re all going through.” I told her, “Yes I do.” Everyone can attest to what are going through, and no one can present to the contrary that they have never been in the same situation you’re in at this point of time, not even the students whose names are included on the Dean’s lister can confidently say we never had that experience such as yours, it would be hypocritical for any student to say that they have never procrastinated.” So that was it, 7:30 Professor Naz arrived together with Professor Rico along with my other classmates who will be observing me as I deliver my lecture and will likewise give their evaluation. My topic by the way was about the Reformation Period, which transpired during the 16th century. Huh! I forgot my visual aids; I failed to give them the activity before I commence the discussion. My professors kept on staring at me, of course they will since they will rate the manner of the delivery of my topic however their eyes were somewhat quizzical it is as if they’re asking have you got any idea of what you are doing Jay? Well, to tell you the truth is I don’t have any idea of what I am actually doing right now Madame. It was fun! After all my sleepless nights, I have endured in writing, reviewing, revising and, making the final draft of the lesson plan because of the positive remarks I received from the first year students thereafter the delivery of the lesson. I am not expecting that my Professor would be giving me a...
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