Actual Practice & Problems of Audit Procedure

Topics: Auditor's report, Audit, Auditing Pages: 20 (4807 words) Published: April 27, 2012


Shah Ridwan Chowdhury
Lecturer, Dept. of Management Studies.
Jagannath University, Dhaka.

Group Name: Knowledge Fighter. Section-A, B.B.A (3rd Batch) Department of Management Jagannath University
Date of Submission: 27.02.2012

Feb.27, 2012
Shah Ridwan Chowdhury.
Lecturer and Course Teacher, Auditing.
Dept. of Management Studies.
Jagannath University, Dhaka.

Dear Sir, there is the report on ‘topic ’’ you wanted as to conduct.

To prepare this report, we conducted a field work. This field work will help us to improve our knowledge and theories of auditing. We believe that this report will help anybody to understand about the actual practice and bottlenecks of audit particularly in garments industry. In preparing this report, we tried our best effort. That’s your for giving such the topic. You may accept the report.

Sincerely yours
Group: Knowledge Fighter


Our report is on “Actual practices and bottleneck of audit procedure: A case study on a particular Garments organization” We are delightful to our honorable course teacher MR. Shah Ridwan Chowdhury for his guidance, suggestion and all type of support & supervision in preparing this report. He continuously reminded us for the preparation of this report. It might be tough to prepare report without her help. The report is combined effort of group members.

We would like to give special thanks to, MR.Abul kasem FCA Partner, Rahman Kasem & Co, MR. Taposh Raha , Student, Pinaki &Co and ‘Mr.Emrul Kayes Sujan’ Asst. Manager-HR & Compliance, AMTRANET GROUP. for giving us time from their very busy office work to discuss the things & have guided us by giving useful suggestions and providing us data and relevant information for completing this report. He shared his practical experiences with us. We have tried with our best to present the ‘Actual practices and bottlenecks of audit procedure: A case study on a particular garment organization’. So there are various parts that describe our analysis.


SL. No.| NAME| Roll No.| Email ID.| 1.| Fatematuz zohora| 07882-569|| 2.| Rajib Dev (Group Leader)| 07882-573|| 3.| MD. Kabir Hossain| 07882-575|| 4.| MD. Shariful Islam| 07882-577||

5.| Ashis Kumar Acharjee | 07882-579|| 6.| Rubina Yeasmin| 07882-583| |
7.| MD. Khaleduzzaman Muhin| 07882-585| |
8.| MD. Anisur Rahman| 07882-587| Fmmasum|

Particulars| Page No.|
Title page| 1|
Transmittal message| 2|
Acknowledgement| 3|
Group name| 4|
Introduction| 6-7|
Company overview| 8|
Comprehensive Theories| 9-11|
Findings and Analysis| 12-18|
Problems of Audit Procedure| 19-22|
Ending of the report| 23-24|
Appendix| 25-26|

1. Executive Summary:
After the industrial revelation, a lot of complexity has raised in operation of business...
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