Action Research

Topics: Management, Action research, Process management Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Action Research Models in Business Research
Kade Ballogg
Annable Period 3
Mullins Period 4

In the world of Pacifiers there is a small and special place for successful and interesting products. The majority of the time products like this do not carry enough for their respective prices or outlets. Action research has been found to be a practical research methodology in business and management research in recent years. The Graduate College of Management at Southern Cross University has been promoting action research in business research since 1999. This paper describes models being used by management researchers at Southern Cross University at both conventional and professional doctorate levels. The intention of this paper is to share useful models and frameworks that have been developed during these programs and discuss some issues that arose while applying action research. The authors hope that sharing their experiences through this paper would provide food for thought for managers, business people and doctoral researchers to design their action research approach to their research projects. Action Research in Business Research

The suitability of action research has been discussed by several scholars who have written about management and business research. (Dick 2002, Bawden & Zuber-Skerritt 2002, Perry and Zuber-Skerritt 2002; Sarah et. al. 2002, Coghlan and Brannick 2001, Greenwood and Levin 1998; Eden and Huxham 1996, Easterby-Smith et. al. 2001, Gill and Johnson 2002, Gummeson 1999). A growing interest in action research methodology in business is evidenced by a number of papers explaining how action research has been effective in solving a variety of business problems:

· Marketing (Knox & Bickertos 2003; Vignali & Zundel 2003) · Product development (Anders and Agnar 2003; Shaw, Burgess , Hwarng and de Matto 2001)
· Manufacturing, Engineering and operations management (Coghlan & Coghlan 2002; Gilmore & Smith 1996;...
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