Acid and Shoe

Topics: Acid, Shoe polish, Shoeshiner Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: November 1, 2012

Background of the Study

Like many other hygiene convenience, shoe polish or can also be called boot polish is usually a wax , cream or paste used by people to shine, water proof and restore the appearance of leather shoes. This extends the footwear’s life. This is made up of many kinds of chemicals and because of this; it can cause irritations, allergies to us. In our generation, shoe polish is used every day and companies produce a lot of it to meet the demands of consumers. This leads to chemical wastes. We the researchers would like to find or discover materials like banana peelings, leaves, or trash and use them as alternatives for these chemicals but without sacrificing the effectiveness of the shoe polish. Recently the Philippines has experienced flash floods and according to the disaster agency of the Philippines more than 338,000 people in 13 provinces were affected by the disaster, with nearly 43,000 still in schools, churches and gymnasiums. This was mainly caused by illegal logging and improper disposal of garbage. If we are successful in using trash as alternative for making shoe polish we could lessen the trash in the streets because companies would be collecting these trashes to produce their product. As of now, Ateneo de Iloilo students and teachers are using leather shoes when going to school and when it rains it could damage the physical appearance of the shoes which would lead them to buy new ones. Many of them uses shoe polish to protect and clean their shoes and some are not safe when it comes in contact with skin, eyes or other sensitive parts of the body. Our investigation could benefit them because they would be able to homemade shoe polish that would not cause harm or irritations to them. The investigators chose this study because of curiosity and that the investigators are looking for other alternatives in making a shoe polish which is convenient and safe to use. It is through this experiment that most of...
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