Accounts: List of Tools and Equipment Used

Topics: Chicken, Bird, Avian incubation Pages: 9 (2170 words) Published: February 19, 2013
* These include:
* Brooding bulbs
* Gas brooder
* Core paper
* Barrow
* Shovel
* Rake
* Hay fork
* Bucket
* Blow torch
* Knap stack sprayer
* Table spoon/ measuring spoon
* Fan
* Tube feeder
* Tractor tailor
* Plasson water
* Waterer
* Push broom
* Overall
* Respirator
* Gloves
* Goggles
* Drum
* Cheese tin
* Fogger system
* Gas cylinder
* Matches
* Medicine
* Feeder pan tops and bottoms
* Water
* Disinfectant
* Soap
* Scotch brite
* Book
* Pen

Agricultural Science Department
Portfolio on Broiler Production
Name of Candidate: Shardia Lawrence
Candidate Number:
Name of School: Vere Technical High School
Centre Number: 100125
Territory: Jamaica
Award: single
Proficiency: General
Year of Examination: 2013
Location: Hayes Clarendon
Date Started: March 05, 2012
Duration: Six (6) Weeks
Scheduling of Activities
1. Preparation of Coop
* Spraying of Coop
* Cob Webbing
* Burning of Feathers
* Removal of Cake Litter
2. Preparation of Brooding Area
3. Preparation of Footbath
4. Receiving of chickens
5. Brooding of chickens
6. Daily Feeding
7. Daily cleaning of feeders and wearers 8. Daily Observation
9. Medication
10. Mortality
11. Culling

Preparation of Coop
Date: March 8, 2012
Burning of Feather
In the burning of feather a blow torch was used. It was operated in a swinging rotating; it was used to kill bacteria and eliminate excess feathers. A mask and protective clothing were worn.

Cob webbing
Date: March 7, 2012
In the Cob webbing of Coop instruments such as bush browns was used to scour the fencing, fan and roof of the coop (shown in figure 2). This is importance of this is to remove microbes and remove excess dust that choose to hide itself in areas such as corner of coop. This sanitizes the coop to facilitate the new batch of chicks.

Figure 2: Showing the cob webbing down of coop

Spraying of Coop
Date: March.5, 2012
In the Spraying of Coop a Knapsack, Chemical diazion and two (2) table spoon of sevin along with one (1) gallon of water control insect. The chemical diazion and two table spoon of sevin along with one gallon of water control insects were all mix together then thrown into a knapsack (as shown in figure 1). The importance of this is to kill bacteria and remove microbes and prevent virus from spreading all over coop.

Removal of Cake litter
Date: March 8, 2102
In the removal of cake litter of shovel, barrow and rake was used to remove cake litter, the shovel was used to lift up cake litter off the ground and a barrow was used to collect the cake litter (as shown in figure 4). This is important because it prevent the litter from caking or sticking on the feet of the baby chicken.
Figure 4: Showing the removal of cake litter.

Preparation of Brooding Area
Date: March 12, 2012
In the preparing of brooding feeder pan were placed around a small area of the coop, as a result of this the feed pans were used to block of a part of the coop (as shown in figure 5). The setting up of heat lamp wires and heat lamps were collected, the wire was used to hold heat lamp. The reason for the cornering of coop is to provide comfort, to confine the chicks and for easy record keeping of chicks. The reason for heat lamp is to warm up the chick however the heat lamp must be placed in the right place because if the chicks huddle below the lamp it is low and if they dispersed it is too high.

Figure 5: Showing the preparation of the brooding area...
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