Accounting Statement of Purpose

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I am going to apply to Msc Accounting and Finance Management programme. I would be grateful if you could give me feedback.

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I studied a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. During the undergraduate degree I took a variety of subjects in taxes, finance, auditing, economics, accounting and business management. Taking a variety of subjects in university allowed me to see where my interests and strengths lie.

The subjects that grabbed my attention during the final year in the university were taxation, business management and finance. It was through doing these subjects that I discovered I would like to pursue my career in either of these fields. As part of my desire to have a broad knowledge in business management, I wrote the final-year dissertation focused on this field. Which was titled "How far proper management lead your business to success".

In July 2007, I was hired by one of the big four accountancy firms, where I develop an employment as tax consultant. Through this job, I have understood the important role played by the accountancy in business. Definitely book-keeping, preparing financial statements, establishing and maintaining accurate financial records provide a general overview of how business is doing.

In my experience I have realized that accountants specialized in taxation besides technical-legal knowledge, they must have wide knowledge of accounting and its procedures as well as theory to properly evaluate financial information. With this knowledge the consultants must be able to ensure if records are accurate according with government regulations, identify companies' opportunities and provide advice on improving efficiency.

The reasons mentioned above besides my long-term goal to pursue a career as a controller encourage me to seek for a professional accounting and finance management program, which allow me to obtain...
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