Account Activation

Topics: Want, Profanity, Need Pages: 3 (666 words) Published: January 8, 2013
This is so I can have an account so eat food, potato tomato jump off a cliff. I eat one meal a day. How many words do I need. I am trying to get 500 words. I think it is really dumb that I have to do this. All I want to do is go on youtube on my tablet. Is that so much to ask for? There is too many words needed to be able to look at stuff on this site. Brick squad. I’m a full throttle killer, just ask the ben stiller.

Can’t think of words, this is just a filler.
Down in the dumps, feelin’ like trash.
You’re luck I don’t go Rambo on you’re a$$.
Still need words, wish I could think better
Still talking crap, I’ll write your mom a letter.
Words words words.
(feat. Travis Porter, Slim Dunkin & D-Bo)

I'm flexin', I'm flexin'
I'm chillin' in our sessions
I'm in my private section, give me pussy then I'm sexin'
I'm flexin', I'm flexin'
What she know 'bout flexin'?
Might pull up to the Weston and hella girl undressin'

I've this ice on me but my heart cold
I'm a real motherfucker, check my bar code
In the strip club, prolly at the blue fline
Scratches on the whip, a Mini coup

Okay I stepped up from the scene super clean
Got a 50 in my jeans, screamin' money ain't a thing
A vilt full of bottles, got some models and some bitches
Man I'm just a young, checked up in the club ballin', stacks up

Okay I'm standing on the bar and all the girls starin'
And my chain costs a Ferrari and my wrist costs a McLaren
We'll be sayin' flex flex flex flex flex flex flex

She want a bottle that can packs and a man can do it
Man, I bought a half a pill then we ran straight through it
What we doin'? Flex flex flex flex flex flex flex

Okay all I know it flexes you
Some different check you more
Shorty can't hit the whip, I need a astro blow
Spare tier in the trunk, ride with an extra shot
Spend your red money at that Benihana restaurant
Gucci low, Polo, diamond dancing go go
Whole squad flexin' like army have my logo
Karate kickin',...
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