Access to Unlimited Freedom

Topics: Youth, Young, Good and evil Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: April 16, 2013
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Should the young have unlimited freedom?
Freedom is very vital for individuals but the new generation today is crazy and full of crazy thoughts. They must comprehend that freedom comes with responsibility which they must live up to. However, many came fail to come to this realization. Hence, freedom of the young must be curb. Rebellious of adolescences is not sporadic in today’s society. These young little minds are still developing, learning and might not accumulate enough life experience to judge what is right from the wrong. Therefore, by giving them unlimited freedom to do whatever they want, they might end up committing some serious transgression which might have a disastrous impact in their lives. Let’s take youth whom join gangs for an example. In today’s world, many parents were too hectic with their work life and had insufficient time for their child. Therefore, without the supervision of their parents, this group of young people can carry out all those funny little ideas that pop out of their creative minds. While it may sounds good to have all the freedom in the world, but they might lack of parental love and feel neglected. Hence, these young people may join a gang. In some ways, gangs provided these youth with attention, protection, emotional and social support which their parents failed to. But gangs are illegal due to their misconduct and harm they can bring to people, be it physically or mentally. Hence, by conducting prohibited activities such as selling drugs, rioting, the gangs might end up marrying these youths to the prison. Other consequences can be the erosion of these young’s moral character. Hence, if the young were given unlimited freedom, the consequences which derived from their actions might be too much for them to handle. Excess freedom may also destroy the motivation which the young needed to work hard for a better future. This is because they no longer see the point of earning the freedom they wanted if...
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