Acc 544 Internal Control

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The purpose of this brief report is to explain the need for the internal control system within the organization. When controls are in place with an insurance and portfolio approach. An internal control system in any organization is a way to regulate, to reduce lost, to minimize risks, and to accomplish the organizational goals and success (McCarthy, 2004). The majority of organizations depend on the insurance approach and the portfolio risk management approach. The company to manage a business risk is currently using these approaches. It is now being recommended that the company make a transition in order to capture the benefits of an internal control system. Explained below are the two types of currently used approaches, insurance and portfolio, that are used within the organization.

Insurance approach
The insurance approach is generally used to ensure the acquirement to transfer certain types of risks that could affect the business property, the business assets, and affect the employees (McCarthy, 2004). The insurance approach used as a tool to prevent business losses; in addition, it is more like a financial risk tool than management risk tool. This approach will diminishes the impact of the losses, protecting the business assets from potential losses, therefore, making the insurance approach more reactive, than proactive (McCarthy, 2004).

Portfolio risk management
The portfolio risk management is more structured and complex approach, which gives procedures and processes during the process of decision-making. The key goal of the portfolio risk management approach is to reduce risk while getting the most out of the business return on investment   (McCarthy, 2004). This approach would help businesses to assess its risk tolerance while improving the business operations. The business that uses the portfolio risk management approach would be able to evaluate the risk in a broad and level way. Overall this...
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