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  • Published : February 24, 2009
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Discuss the meaning and importance of ‘Academic Integrity’ in assignment completed by undergraduate students. Introduction

On a research paper, how much information can you “borrow” with or without citing the original author?  How do you cite the resources you “borrowed” or quoted from the original author?  Will anyone know if you submit a friend’s research paper?  No one can see you taking an online test from your living room – should that change how you take a test?  Who is hurt by academic dishonesty? Who cares if you steal test answers, falsify experimental data, cheat on an exam, or download information from a web site and turn it in as your own work? To take an easy example, would you want to be operated on by a doctor who cheated his way through medical school? Or would you feel comfortable on a bridge designed by an engineer who cheated her way through engineering school? Would you trust your tax return to an accountant who copied his exam papers from his neighbor?

All the above examples are reflective of a concept called academic integrity. This essay will be discussed two questions based around the general topic of ‘Academic Integrity’ in assignment completed by undergraduate students. The two questions to be discussed are what are the meaning of ‘Academic Integrity’? What is the important of ‘Academic Integrity’ in assignment completed by undergraduate students?

What are the meanings of ‘Academic Integrity’?

Integrity is important in all areas of life.

(Academic Integrity: A Letter to my Students*by William M. Taylor Professor of Political Science Oakton Community College Des Plains, Illinois)  Academic integrity is a commitment, even in the face of adversity, that is based on five fundamental values including honesty, trust, fairness, respect and a responsibility for your actions.  The Center for Academic Integrity 1999 (

Academic integrity can also be defined, in...
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