Academic Achievement Essay

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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It has been argued that the use of the internet is linked to poor academic achievement. Is this true?

Excessive use of the internet impairs the student’s academic achievement. This becomes a problem when it comes to impaired functioning of the body. Some people may experience psychological problems such as social isolation, depression, loneliness, etc. People are sleep deprived due to staying up online. Is internet use good or is it bad for you? Studies have shown that the eight graders internet use of online searching may help boost exam score. However using the internet for socializing and gaming and going to the internet cafe has affected their performance on their high school entrance exam a year later (Chen, Su & Fu, Yang-Chih, 2009). This paper will include the definition of excessive use of the internet and how it can interfere with time mismanagement, impaired functioning of the body as well as the advantages and disadvantages of excessive internet use. What is excessive use of the internet? Excessive internet use is characterized by excessive or poorly controlled, urges, or behaviours regarding computer use and Internet access that lead to impairment or distress. Also called “internet addicts” where they stay on the computer a day more then he sleeps or rather stays online then being with their family and friends which consumes all their time and interferes with their daily life. In their article internet use and academic performance decrements: Early findings by Kubley, Robert, Lavin, Michael., and Barrows, John. Researchers that have studied internet use has found that 5 to 10 percent internet usage may have suffer from harmful effects, example like there more like to having cravings, sleep disturbance and withdrawal symptoms due to the excessive use of the internet. Researchers also find in their studies that, (Scherer, 1997) found that 13.0 percent of college students are classified internet dependency as (Anderson, 1999) concluded that 9.8...
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