Gender Gap in Japan

Topics: Gender, Japan, Male Pages: 6 (1357 words) Published: March 7, 2013

* Introduction
1. Sexual gap in Japan 2
2. Background information in family gap and policies in Japan 2 3. Aim and objectives of the report 2

* Workplace 1
1. The difference on impersonal affair in dimension of political occupation 3 2. Employment status in career 3

* Workplace 2
1. The employment status of information technology in Japan 4 2. Differences on ability and consideration between male and female 5

* Comparisons
1. Impact from politician and information technology worker to Japan 5 2. Impact to society 5
3. Main role of two subject and how difference in gender gap 5

* Possible future changes
1. Predictions of employment status and development Japan to be equality 6

* Conclusion
1. Overall trends and how Japan going for the future with gender gap 6 * The reference list
1. Bibliography 7


1. Sexual gap in Japan

Japan is one of the important countries of the world. However, in sexual gap situation Japan is place on lowest position in group of eight countries that have largest economies or called G8. According to the world economic forum (2012), report that Japan ranked at 101st on year 2012 in gender gap of all counties around the world. The report of gender gap was based on four factor; employment rate and salary, educational background, health and survival rate, and political participation. In Japan most of Japanese women are being housewives and this is a one point that making Japan being lager gender gap.

2. Background information Family gap and policies in Japan

Male and female in between two gender female have more responsibilities on their family than male. In Japan, women that married being housewives and only do part-time job. From the journal wrote by Kumlin J. (2007), point out that the reason why Japanese women have more responsibilities in family than men is demand of labour market careers in Japan need men more than women. Therefore, wage gap between men and women are difference. Japanese men have opportunities to get job better than women. For consideration, in Japan work is men job and house work is for women and this gap will become larger when they have children because of that can led women to take care about their children. However, government not creates policy to protect female much and there is many crime in Japan. According to Konishi T.(2000) shows that in Japan there is dangerous place for female for instead people are violence against women and still have crime like rape women in public in this country.

3. Aim and objectives of the report

The aim of this report is to comparing two differences work place and relates it on gender gap. The objectives are following to understand situation on some countries about gender gap and to examine the possible changes in the future on that country.

Workplace 1

1. The difference on impersonal affair in dimension of political occupation

In area of politics the characteristic is very concerned because of political occupation affected on people and attractive people like a star. However, men and female have many differences characteristic and that may consideration on how female get reputation and respect from the others more than men. In addition, led to David M.(1996) claim that people belief in men more than women in many ways such as physical and vision and those things also important in this career.

2. Employment status in career

In Japan, this country has a large gender gap and women politician are very rarely because of rate on inequality in Japan very high so less female can be politician in Japan. Moreover, Sheel R.(2003) point out that at recently some women...
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