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Ethical issues regarding age and discrimination in managed healthcare

Managed health care is saturated with ethical issues. Death, pain, sickness, treatment, rationing are just a few of the major variables that interface with the familiar distinction between rights and utility. Current debate about rationing and the role of the state only increase the ethical severity of these issues.

* Ethical issues regarding Discrimination in managed healthcare * Discrimination against particular providers
* Discrimination against sicker enrollees

* Ethical issues regarding Age in managed healthcare
* Ageism in health care
* Too broad of a concept for crafting legal solutions
* Ageism as bigotry leading to age harassment and the creation of a hostile environment in health care * Utility versus Rights
* All of these issues come down to the familiar distinction between utility and rights. * Ethical utilitarianism holds that any health care system should serve as many people as possible at a minimum level to maintain social and public health. * A rights-based approach says that any individual patient has the right to all they require for a healthy life, one free from pain. * The public health service (speaking generally) is forced to the utilitarian option to save money and treat more patients.

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