Abuse of the First Amendment

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Abuse of the First Amendment

December 30, 2006, 21:21
We are so busy "doing" that we do not take the time to ask ourselves "should we". (Quote by Lafemmenikita07)

I can't take on the world. However, a lot of the comments in websites and blog houses about Actor/Artist Lance Henriksen are very inappropriate and untrue.

The majority of the comments attack Lance not only as a human being but also as an actor down to his choice of movies or film roles. Some comments attack his physical appearance. Well, let see how you look when you reach 66 years old. How can you attack a person that you do not know nor met?

Things are said such as Lance took this role because he must have needed the money and that is all. So what, why does it matter why Lance took the movie or project? Is that your business or is that while writing your comments you were not creative enough to come up with anything else to write.

Lance believes in the roles that he chooses; however, for the amateurs there a lot things that are out of an actor’s control regarding the rest of the movie or film and supporting cast including the final project.

The sad thing is this is being done by highly indexed internet sites that come up in the top 5 to 10 web searches regarding Lance Henriksen. These are “Super Fans” of the Genres doing this.

The Webmasters and/or Blogmasters of these highly ranked sites have a responsibility to cut the unnecessary crap out of the comments appearing on their sites.

I thought public “character assassination” was during elections.

I do not need to list the sites. You know who you are. Why are you so cruel? Your comments are not reviews that a person can decide whether they want to watch or buy a DVD with Lance Henriksen in it.

They are so full of "potshots" at Lance the person, that the reviews are useless as far as the movie or film.

We complain about what is said by the media and on television and printed in our newspapers then we crucify our own...
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