Abul Kashem Haider

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Early life
Abul Kashem Haider, Chairman of the Youth Group was born in Mogdhara Union, Thana, Shandip, Zilla, Chittagong in 1st April 1954. His father Alhaj Sekander Hossain was an educationist and his mother Shafia Khatoon was a housewife. At that time, the education environment Of Shandip was very much discouraging. In most cases, schools & colleges were far away and there were no regular means of transport. This had negative influence among the students making high rate of drop outs. He was the 4th issue of his parents. His father was very much conscious about the children’s education. For this reason, all the brothers & sisters of Mr. Haider had to get themselves admitted into the schools and all of them were regular in their studies. Mrs Shafia Khatun like her husband was careful for the education & particularly religious orientation of the children.

Education life
In 1959, Mr Haider was in the Daiter Goo Government Primary school which was two miles away from his house. He secured scholarship in the talent pool scheme for class V and was admitted into the Sandip High School. From this Mr. Raider passed the SSC examination in First Division with four letters. Alter that, in 1969 he was admitted in HSC class in science group in the Chittagong College. He was staying in a college hostel and was enjoying 3 stipends/scholarships at a time including the one from the Board. Though due in 1971, he appeared at the HSC final examination held delayed for the war of the liberation, in the year 1973 and was placed in First division with 3 letters. In the same year, he was admitted into the Dhaka University to study honours in Soil Science. In 1979, he passed the honours final examination and in the year 1981, [exam of 1980] he secured first class in his MSc examination in Soil Science.

Service life
Mr. Raider started his practical life with a Government job as a customs Intelligent & Investigation Officer in the Anti- Corruption department of the GOB. He succeeded in arresting a big black marketer & smuggler during a few months of his job. This made many of his colleagues angry and they had been non cooperating with him in the discharge of his duties. He, therefore, left the government job in 1982 and managed another job as an administrative officer in the Rabeta Vocational Institute with a monthly salary of Tk.1500/.

Conjugal life
While in Raheta service, he married in 1983 in Dhaka. His wife Mrs Afroza Khanam, D/o Mr Asaduzzaman, Headmaster of the Munshigonj Academy did her Hons. & Masters degree from the Dhaka University. Mr. Raider is blessed with one son and two daughters.

Business life
He started his business life from 1982 when he was employee of Rabita. He jointly started a supply business with one of his friends named Mr Altaf. After some time from this business, he succeeded in saving some money. With the money that he saved from the supply business, he hired a shop in Kalyanpur. Income from the shop and salary from the job made him somehow maintain the family. Meanwhile, a stranger who introduced himself as Feroz came to meet Mr. Haider in an evening. Mr. Feroz intimated that three of them including Razzaqul & Billah recently returned from Germany. They planned to begin a garments business but their saved money appeared to be inadequate for the purpose.

Mr Feroz further told that he had heard of Mr Haider from some of his relations about Mr Haider’ good connection with the Islami Bank Bangladesh limited [IBBL] from which they might have approached for required investment opportunity. That was how Mr. Haider made a Group with Mr. Firoz, Mr. Rezzaqul, Mr. BiIlah and started garments business with 31 machines only. The three started their business which was named as the Youth Group [YG] in 1985 was at 29 Air Port Road.

As the size of the YG was small it was difficult to secure orders from the big parties. It is therefore, YG was looking for subcontract from some big suppliers. The first...
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