Absorbent Mind - Essay

Topics: Unconscious mind, Absorption, Consciousness Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: February 6, 2012
A mind which is able to absorb knowledge quickly and effortlessly is called the absorbent mind. A child from birth till the age of six has an absorbent mind. The learning takes place in a very amazing and special way. The mind absorbs everything from the environment and the environment plays a very important and critical role in the early brain development. During this period the brain receives, processes and stores everything from the environment without any effort and discrimination and this form of absorption is called the unconscious absorption. The intense mental activity is always going on even in the prenatal stage and it characterizes the absorbent mind. There are various way though which the adults can take care of the child in their life. The adult must provide a safe and secure environment for the child and must help the child in developing interest in doing activities. The child must be given freedom within limits to express his interest because if there is no limit to the freedom given to the child and since he is going through the stage of absorbent mind the child may attempt or behave what is not meant for him. Most important is the way the environment is set. As adults we must prepare the environment more enriching for the child so that he is able to explore and experience things which are more interesting and challenging. For instance if the environment is not enriched with good quality and quantity of things what child learn from it will also not be of good quality and quantity. We must always take care to maintain a pleasant nature and a positive attitude because how we react and behave with the child is what the child will learn. If for instance if we are always smiling and soft spoken and greeting people and with an attitude that I want to do it and I can do it, they child having the absorbent mind will learn the same thing. Whereas if we always scream, shout and frown the child who is observing this will repeat the same thing. This is...
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