About Nurse in Gremany

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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1. Veiktie pienākumi/aktivitātes

Meet the employees of hospital, heads of hospital, observe nurse job and help in patient care, to change bandages for patients after operations, observe operations in operating room, observe ulcer, neirophatic foot, necrosis, diabetic foot care, look a job in emergency, participate educating patients about bandages change, medicaments and care in home. In diabete center participate in diabetic people education lessons (12), make a neirologic tests with patients (minidopler, monofilament, termothip, tonometer), observe how the nurses take analysis of patients and does the sugar test in blood and HbA1C, foot visites, where doctors together assess the general leg and foot situations, social care with patients in rooms (change diapers, to help dress, feed, arrange in patient room), lead the patients at operations, x-ray examinations, prepare laboratory tests and bring to the laboratory, premise??/introduce?? insulin, set up EKG, to mark in protokols patients weight changes, to mesure temperature, pulse, to deliver?? food in patients rooms. Observe USG on the patients arterys. In podology praxis banding and making Ross freser clamps, to make negative and positive nail imprint, outfit desinfection and sterilisation, bath prepare, observe the podolog job, do the job myself too with patients who had the ulcers, corns, warts, ieauguši nagi??, take care of foots, scalpel technique, documentation, clean up the rooms after job, rooms desinfection, observe job in social centers (old people houses, pansions, institutions where are mentally and physicaly undeveloped peoples) and houme visits too. In endoskopie department observe koloscopie, gastroscopie, bronchoscopie, rectoscopie, help to prepare patients before procedure (EKG, induct in rooms), rooms desinfection, observe USG, pleural puncture, observe how take out the pancreatic prosthesis. Manage the presentation the hospital collective. In Angiographie observe some punctations in...
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