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Topics: Surgical technologist, Surgical instrument, Surgery Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: December 11, 2012
I chose to become a surgical technologist because I want to enter a Health occupation program as part of my high school curriculum, which I enjoyed very much. After completing high school, I want to enter the United States Air Force. There were lots of career paths from which to choose. Since I enjoyed working with people in a healthcare environment, I chose to become a surgical technician. The skills you will have to need to become a surgical technician is that you will have to have practical knowledge of basic surgical technology concepts and the ability to put them into action. Understanding how to prepare for surgical cases, the ability to apply (and recognize the importance of) the principles of asepsis (sterility) in order to provide the best possible care to surgical patients, the confidence and ability to position patients with ease, The ability to work on all basic surgical cases in the role of a surgical technologist in the scrub role ("scrub tech"), The ability to recognize all basic sets of surgical instruments, a commitment to behave safely and responsibly, and the ability to interact and communicate effectively as part of an operating room team. I’m thinking about joining the military and training to become a surgical tech through the institution that invented the occupation and find a hospital that runs an on-the-job surgical tech training program and try to get hired in an entry-level position so that I can apply. I will also complete a post-secondary surgical technology program (understanding that it should be CAAHEP- or ABHES-accredited in order to provide you with the best training and a chance at recognized professional certification). The average salary that I will be paid is $56,220, my salary range is going to be $37,689 to $57,220 but, the hourly pay is $22 dollars an hour but they can earn up to$35 dollars an hour. The education or classes you need to take to became a surgical technician is pretty much accredited training program or...
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