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Topics: Surgery, Surgical technologist, Bureau of Labor Statistics Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Courtney Davis
English 111 –CML
Essay #2 – informative

Do You Want to Be A “Scrub”?

Have you ever considered entertaining the idea of establishing a career in Surgical Technology? Many people are not thoroughly familiar with the job duties, educational requirements, earnings, job outlook, and potential downsides. Exploring these five areas will assist you in making a more informed career decision. Surgical Technologist can also be referred to as “Scrubs” (Occupational Outlook Handbook, p.1). A Surgical Technologists’ duties before an operation is to help prepare the Operating Room by setting up instruments and equipment that are used and needed by the Surgeon performing the procedure. Cynthia Davis, RN/ CST states her duty “I prepare and maintain highly complex sterile environments.” They get the patients ready for surgery by washing and shaving the necessary parts of the body that the surgeon will be focusing on. They also observe the patients vital signs and check charts. During surgery a surgical technologists assist the surgeon or their assistant by passing and holding instruments, cutting sutures, counting needles and other supplies that are essential to the surgery being performed at the time. Sometimes the surgical techs even operate suction machines, sterilizers, adjust lights to a specific area, and help operate diagnostic equipment that is in the surgical room. .Cynthia describes her position as “the primary surgical tech responsible for handling instruments, supplies, and equipment during all surgical procedures. These procedures range from minimally invasive biopsies to highly complex surgeries”. After an operation Scrubs may help the patient to recovery. They also clean and restock the operating room so that it will be ready for the next operation. Jennifer Davis, NP ., says, “My responsibilities as a surgical technologist are to set up, maintain a sterile field during surgery, assist the surgeon if needed and clean up and...
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