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Question 1.
a) Discuss the complexity of traditional HRIS

Traditional file organization describes storing data in paper files, within folders and filing cabinets. Paying for employee turnover costs, data storage, and multiple layers of benefits can be difficult for fiscally constrained institutions, especially as budget cuts and finance-limiting legislation abound in school districts across the country. Many traditional paper-based systems have been replaced with automated, software-based services, helping human resources professionals accelerate benefits enrollment and adjustment, data access, and security. Unfortunately, many organizations have multiple applications for handling each of these branches of personnel management, which often requires redundant updates for each system from a single change and limits communication abilities between the separate platforms. Bringing these functions together under one platform can produce a more efficient HR department and allow relevant parries to access appropriate information, negating the need for endless communication between HR and other departments and within personnel management itself. Electronic file organization is a common alternative to paper filing.

Access Time
One of the primary disadvantages of traditional file systems is the time it takes to access data. It can take minutes if not hours to locate a few files in a large paper filing system.

Editing and Communication
Traditional file systems are cumbersome in that they do not allow users to easily edit files or send information to others. Paper files often cannot be edited directly, forcing users to make new copies to update old files. To distribute data on paper files, users must mail, fax or scan the data.

Order of Data
Data can get out of order in traditional filing systems. If someone accidentally puts a file in the wrong place, or takes a file out of a cabinet and forgets to put it back, it can lead to lost data or the creation of additional copies of files.

Data Security
Traditional file organization has security advantages over electronic filing, but it also has its disadvantages. Paper files can be lost in fires and floods. Paper based HRIS has also some disadvantage:

• Redundancy is more
• Less integrity
• High complexity in updating of database

b) Introduction of IT based HRIS and its advantage over traditional HRIS.

The human resources (HR) department in an organization manages a variety of activities associated with employees like recruiting, training, promoting, terminating, record keeping, and meeting various legal requirements (Anthony, 1999). In addition, it supports a company's effort to develop and utilize the work force, and maintain an environment conducive to full participation, continuous improvement, and personal and organizational growth. It is an open secret that in the past, the the past, the human resource function within an organization did not have the same priorities as other functions. But in the last couple of years, management of human resources has been acknowledged as an important factor in developing sustainable competitive advantage (Gratton, Hope-Hailey, Stiles, & Truss, 1999; Losey, 1999, Pfeffer, 1994). A study conducted by the Gartner Group suggests that companies that use technology effectively to manage the human resource function will have a tremendous advantage over those that do not (Greengard, 1999). In spite of this, less than 20% of the human resource managers in a survey conducted by Deloitte & Touche and Lawson Software indicated that their organization has the technology to provide expeditious human resource information for business planning (Greengard, 1999).

Advantage of IT based HRIS

Data Security
Electronic files are usually accessible on a network, which means it's possible for an unauthorized person to gain access to electronic data over the Internet through hacking methods. Electronic...
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