Going Paperless in the Legal Environment

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Going Paperless
Today’s Law Office Trend


Law firms today are using modern technology to strive to become a paperless environment. The uses of e-mail and electronic document and filing storage systems have enabled firms to be more effective in time management when dealing with the litigation process. The cost of storing documents is reduced due to the amount of space not needed in the storage of legal documents. Using e-email and scanned documents help us to not only communicate faster; it enables us to retrieve documents twice as fast because of the intricate file organization. By anticipating future problems with the move to go paperless, we can ensure that documents will be protected and stored properly, and easily accessible for firms and courts of the future.

Law firms and some courts today are in the process of going paperless. They are using modern day technology to store documents and client files. Not only do they want to reduce the cost that are incurred due to copying, mailing, and file storage, they want a way for their firm to be able to access these documents in a faster more efficient manner that will save money and reduce manpower. Law firms are now coming into the digital age of using these electronic document systems for this process.

Because of the economy and the environmental movement to “go green”, many firms are striving in the direction of going paperless. Michigan State Courts is just one example of one court system already going in that direction. (Justice B. Thomas Granger 2009). Large practices that receive numerous documents are using online document storage databases to maintain these documents. Pre-suit departments in personal firms for example, are taking advantage of this technology. They request documents by email and receive their documents and evidence electronically. This greatly reduces the space needed to store these types of documents. The records come straight from the source which saves...
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