Abortion - Thailand Should Never Legalize Abortions

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Thailand Should Never Legalize Abortions

Recently, Thai society has changed a lot when compared to the past. There are so many reasons that cause the change of the society; the obvious one is influence from western cultures. The old days, Thai people were quite traditional. They would have sex after they get married or are mature enough. Whereas, the society received western cultures over time, new generation and teenagers do not care about having sex as much as before. Thus, this can bring a lot of problems when they get pregnancy. It is so clear that people in the past had more kids than people in the present time with the reason that people in the past did not know exactly how to control the birth of the baby. Currently, people have several ways for contraception, such as taking birth control pills and using condoms. However, these ways have chance to be failed if people do not know exactly how to use or if they are careless about using them in the right way. After they were fail, they begin to think about ending their pregnancies. Ending pregnancy can be called “ abortion.” Actually, abortion has been with us for a very long time. It can be traced back to prehistoric time. In the past, abortion was done through the use of herbs to induce abortion, use of sharpened object, application of pressure to abdominal area, and many other methods (History of abortion, n.d.). Abortion was very dangerous as there were risks of womb infection, uterine rupture, bleeding, damage to organs, or even death. At the present time, we have the luxurious access to anesthesia, sanitation, and surgery making the abortion much safer (History of abortion, 1998). However, it is still risky in short-term effects and long-term effects (Considering abortion, n.d.). Abortion has developed its own emotional path along with human civilization. As the world becomes more complicated the more ethical issue we seems to have to concern with, so as abortion (Blatner, A., 2006). Even though many people think that abortion should be legalized for several reasons, in my opinion, abortion is not right. In Thailand, abortion is illegal but there are some exceptions that women can have an abortion by not against the law, such as pregnant women have a change to die or it is too risky for them having abortion, fetuses are not normal; women were raped, and other sexual crimes (Whittaker, A., 2002). According to Prime Minister of Thailand, Abhisit Vejjajiva, claimed that “the existing laws are flexible and appropriate enough”, I totally agree with him, and I have three reasons to support the laws about abortion in Thailand right now that why abortion should never be legalized in Thailand, which are it can lead people to have no responsibility, it has many negative effects to women’s health after getting an abortion, and it is immoral.

The first reason that abortion should never be legalized in Thailand is that abortion will cultivate irresponsibility. If abortion becomes legal then everybody would care less and less about safe sex. Some people may even just ignore the issue. They may think that if they made a mistake and got pregnant, they still have the way to solve the problem by doing an abortion. In addition, abortion will be normally thing for them because it is already legal, and many people will have abortion more and more each year. People will just go with their lust and solve the problem when it appears instead of preventing the problem from appearing in the first place. Recently, Fetuses around two thousand were found in the temple in Bangkok, Thailand by polices. Each fetus was kept in a plastic bag. The police asked a person who took all these fetuses here. He is an undertaker at that temple, and he has been hired to destroy all these fetuses since last November by the clinic that is opened illegally (Doksone, T., 2010). One illegal clinic has to destroy two thousand fetuses in a year. There are many illegal clinic in Thailand, imagine that if...
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