Abortion Synthesis 4

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Human rights Pages: 5 (1993 words) Published: October 27, 2010
One of the most constant battles our society faces is the issue of abortion. It is a controversial issue that continues to create tension and diversion among our culture. But what makes abortion such an emotional and personal conflict? Often time people aren’t fully aware of what takes place in the process of aborting a fetus. Let’s take a look at what abortion is and what makes it so controversial. By understanding what an abortion is and the different viewpoints of society, one will acquire a better idea of where they stand on this issue and how it can be relevant in one’s life. So what is abortion? Abortion is the termination of unwanted pregnancy by destruction of the fetus. There are two different types of abortion; there is the pill and in-clinic procedure. Although both methods are destructive, one is often neglected to be recognized due to its severity. Our society seems to turn a blind eye towards the reality of what happens in an in-clinic abortion. The truth is that in-clinic abortions happen just as much and are irrefutably demoralizing. The most devastating abortion is the in-clinic procedure where the doctor performs either a Suction-aspiration or a Dilatation and Curettage. Both of which are dangerous and revolting. Heritage House Literature provides a great deal of abortion facts that help explain what happens in each method of abortion. The Suction-aspiration is often done within the first three months of a pregnancy. In this abortion the womb is stretched wide and abortionist use long cylindrical rods which he inserts into the cervical opening as it stretches the cervix wide enough. Then he inserts a hollow plastic tube that has a knife edge through the cervix, the suction is 29 times more powerful than a vacuum cleaner and the baby is torn into pieces and sucked into a canister (Abortion as Your Option - Heritage House Literature). The other form of in-clinic abortion is Dilatation and Curettage, in this type of abortion a loop-shaped knife is inserted into the uterus and it cuts the baby and placenta into pieces and then scrapes them into a basin which causes a great deal of bleeding. There is also Dilatation and Evacuation method which happens during the second three months of pregnancy. The baby is too big to fit through the cervix so abortionists use a long plier-like instrument to grab the baby’s leg or arm and twists it until it is torn, they do this until every limp is torn apart, as well as the spine snapped and skull crushed (Abortion as Your Option - Heritage House Literature). The medical abortion is the termination of a pregnancy through medication rather than surgery. Amanda Gardner states in her article, “Changes Reduced Infections from Medical Abortion”, that Planned Parenthood clinics changed the way they performed medical abortions and 93% of the rate of serious infections were dropped. The new change consists of administering the drug misoprostol between the gum and cheek, this treatment along with antibiotics is limiting the amount of infections due to abortions (Gardner, 1). Although this method of abortion seems like the most painless and appropriate way, there are serious infections and diseases that have been found due to the medication. Abortion is happening worldwide and has become a large part of our nations’ development. It is estimated that in the United States 1,529,000 abortions are performed each year and 16000 are performed after the twentieth week (Abortion; Statutes, Policies and Public Attitudes the World Over, 35). Statistics show that 3,700 babies are killed a day (Abortion Statistics). After revealing what takes place during an abortion, is there really a question as to whether it is right or wrong? The answer should be a given. There are two main views on this issue that I have researched. The first side I am going to take a look at is pro-choice. This view is a liberal stance and focuses a great deal on the freedom a woman has to do what she wants...
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