Abortion - Killing of the Innocent

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  • Published : November 29, 2005
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Killing of the Innocent

One of the most heavily debated and an unresolved issue of modern times is the horrific process of abortion. Whether or not one is Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, the supporters are very opinionated and continue to relentlessly defend their side; "undecided" practically does not exist. Despite some beliefs, a woman's egg is a human life prior to fertilization, abortions are done in extremely dangerous and harmful ways, and a woman suffers extreme psychological and physical effects after an abortion. Due to these facts, abortions should be deemed illegal. An abortion is an unethical practice. Abortion should be illegal, except in a few rare exceptions. There are many reasons for this belief, one of course being my Christianity. I believe that abortion is unsupported in the Bible, and furthermore I believe there is actually scriptural evidence that abortion is considered evil. My conviction about the killing of an unborn child transcends my religious beliefs. I feel that in the end, only God can judge. Even non religious people will accept the arguments I show. I think all rational people would agree with me that killing innocent human beings is immoral. My argument here will primarily be concerned with showing that unborn embryos are in fact human beings. A sperm is life. An egg is life. "Life" in this term does not demand our concern. We aren't concerned with scratching our arm because we don't want to kill skin cells. Humans, however, are quite important, and are deserving of protection and respect. Some say that a sperm and an egg combined and a sperm and egg separated are essentially the same. I find this to be untrue. There is a very important distinction between the two. When a sperm and egg cell combine, it becomes something fundamentally different. It becomes a human being in its early stages. The embryo has the information necessary to develop into a fully-functioning human being like you or me. In addition, the embryo is...
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