Abortion - Ethical or Unethical

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  • Published: March 6, 2012
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Abortion “Ethical or Unethical”
In my paper I will argue on why I feel that abortions are unethical and why they should not be allowed. As you are reading this paper I really hope that I don’t start to contradict myself. Let me begin by saying there are several different reasons why abortions should be prohibited. The first reason why I feel that abortions should be prohibited is because of religious laws. The bible says that “thou shall not kill”. By aborting babies we are disobeying god and we are breaking the six of his ten commandments. I am a very religious human being who tries to live by the book. I won’t say that I base my ethics on religion, but I will say that it does play a major role. I think that killing other human beings is wrong and I feel that it’s very unethical. Killing someone who can’t even speak up nor have any say-so about the decision of whether they will live or die is what makes abortion so unethical A major reason why some people think that abortions should be allowed is because some people believe that a fetus is not a human, so therefore it would be moral to kill something that was not human. First let me give you the definition of an abortion. An abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated and a fetus is eliminated from the uterus. Is a fetus a human would be the question. Well let’s just look at the facts. Some people feel that a fetus is not a human until it can live outside the womb. They feel that ones the fetus becomes a person that it when it have rights. I totally disagree I feel that fetus becomes a human once they are conceived and the mother is aware and acknowledge of the fetus. The reason why I say that is because once the fetus is present on day 22 the fetus heart begins to beat and can be recognized. Around the third week the baby develops a spinal column and nervous system also the babies’ liver, intestines, and kidneys begin to take their form. Really it is so very easy for something as simple as an egg and sperm connect to make a human. I found that so amazing and with that being said why would someone want to destroy it. No matter what anyone says Abortion has been a controversy for decades. I feel that abortions are unethical and sometimes they can really put the mother life in danger as well. While researching this topic I have discovered that most abortions really don’t go good and sometimes can result to death for the mother. Abortions can cause complications in future pregnancy such as reproductive disease, spontaneous miscarriages and so on. I know people tend to make the wrong mistakes everyday, but I just feel like an abortion should be unacceptable. I feel that it really violated my morals. I really can’t speak for everyone else, but I really feel as though it should be abolished. I feel that everyone was put on this earth for a reason. Some was by choice and others were not. I feel that no one should have their life taken away from them before it even begin that is just very inhumane. I know people have their own reasons to abort such rape, incest and other unplanned pregnancy, but I feel that they are other options. There are so many other options that human have besides abortions, but I also guess that a person’s decisions is about their morals and what they believe is right. No two people are alike and each is entitled to their own opinion. Now when looking at abortions I feel that people have to be very open-minded and look at this issue form different perspectives, which I have. A person who has gotten pregnant by rape or anything that resulting in pregnancy with out the women’s consent may not feel as though they do not have options. These types of people may feel that their options were taken away from them. Question: Who wants to raise a child up by someone them barley knew or hate? I guess that’s when this issue goes back to morals and issues. What’s morally correct when a mother decides to abort her child? When it comes to...
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