Abortion from a Kantian and Utilitarianism Perspective

Topics: Population, World population, Natural resource Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Population Growth

You and me, we aren’t that different. But when we compare ourselves to the 6.2 billion people in this world or even the 287.4 million in the United States, we start to become really different. Take all of the high-rises and stack them up and I bet we could go to the moon. Now you tell me that is not over-population. This world is growing with people everyday and it doesn’t stop. Because of the population and its growth our resources are becoming limited. Our garbage production on this planet is atrocious! It all needs to stop right now. If we stop populating this world with more people we would become better off later on. Like I said our natural resources are limited and everyday a lot of them are getting thrown in the trash. These are all things that have to do with population. Everyday we are changing the environment around us, whether it is building roads, houses or any other thing in that matter. In doing so we are taking up space on Earth. Which means that we are running out of room to grow. And pretty soon we will have no room to grow on this planet. In Bangladesh there are 2,405 people per square mile. Hong Kong is virtually made of high-rises that 6.8 million people live in. The Chinese region of Macaa is 57,369 people per square mile. These numbers are all because we are running out of room to grow, thus we are turning to high-rises. Brazil has a population of 176.5 million people and eight out of ten people live in towns or cities and it grows 1.3% each year. 1.3% is what the world’s average growth rate is. And you think that is bad, look at Africa, which has a growth rate of 2.4% and of course is the highest in the world. Tokyo, Japan, home of 34 million Japanese, is the largest city in the world. Mexico City, Mexico has 22.4 million el locos living in it. New York, New York, has 21.8 million people in its borders and is the 4th largest city. Sao Paulo, Brazil, has 20 million people that I get to...
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