Obtaining a Sustainable Society

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Obtaining a Sustainable Society

Environmental Science

There is a time where people wonder what the world is going to come to. Is there going to be a time where we run out of resources, or will we run out of room and become over populated? It is natural to wonder these types of questions. So we as humans need to come up with a solution on how we can maintain what we have now before it is gone and we have no future to look forward to. By doing this we can ensure that our children and our children’s children.

In order to obtain a population that can be sustained, whether you live in an over populated area or you live in low population where no one wants to have children. There needs to be some kind of order established to control population anywhere. A country such as Italy has low birth rates; in order to bring them back up incentives need to be put in place to insure that people will want to have children. Another country with a problem with low birth rates is Germany. Us as a world need to find some kind of happy medium, where the policies are not to strict for people with lots of children and not as lenient and glorious to those who only have one.

There are many ways Italy and Germany can bring up their population, offer more incentives to married couples that want to have more children. You might want to offer cheaper health care. Cheaper or no cost health care would be ideal for just about anyone. It think this could be the best and the worst thing to do. There would have to be strict rules and regulations upon receiving this type of health care. Free or little no cost health care, would need to be monitored for fraud and so some people could not purposely repopulate without concern for over population. Some people may even have children just knowing of all the benefits they will receive. I think that is just wrong.

Another way to be able to raise birth rates would be to abolish abortions, unless it was going to be a medically...
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