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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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During the past century, abortion has been one of the most passionately discussed subjects. Some people are pro-life some pro-choice. I, myself, am a pro-life supporter. Throughout my years as a student, I have heard the pros and cons of abortion. For me abortion is considered killing a human. Pro-choice supporters argue that women have many reasons for wanting to get an abortion; firstly, they are not able to raise the child properly, secondly, they have the right over their body, and lastly they are not yet ready to become a parent. However, as opposed to many pro-choice supporters I am still a pro-life supporter. The reasons I maintain my position can be understood by examining the arguments most frequently heard in opposition. (1) Women should have control of their body. Women claim that they should be able to control their own body. However, by getting an abortion they put their body in danger. According to a 2002 peer-reviewed study published by the Southern Medical Journal of more than 173,000 American women found that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term. The risk of death from suicide is two to six times higher for women who have had abortions when compared with women who have given birth. An April 1998 Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology study on men whose partners had abortions found that 51.6% of the men reported regret, 45.2% felt sadness, and 25% experienced depression. Studies also show that abortion has a link to breast cancer. It is common medical knowledge that a full-term pregnancy, especially before the age of 32, acts as a protective mechanism against breast cancer. Therefore, getting an abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. Approximately one-fifth of women procuring abortions are teenagers, and half are younger than 25 years old. Sadly, 1.5 million abortions are performed in the U.S. per year, being one of the most common surgeries in the nation....
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