Aboriginal Spirituality Connected with Birthplace

Topics: Meaning of life, Male, Female Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Describe how an Aboriginal person's spirituality is connected to his/her birthplace. “When you sit in your country your spirits lift and you are again truly back to the land where things make sense and your life has meaning”

Aboriginals believe that the land or country that is a person's birthplace will ultimately give meaning to their life. When an Aboriginal returns to their birthplace they feel like they are at home and they feel that they have a meaning in life. An Aboriginals spirituality is their inner path and their life purpose, in their inner path Aboriginals find and come to terms with who they truly are and that they acknowledge that there are connections between them, other living things, ancestral beings and the land. Aboriginals call the land their mother, because the land provides for them and if they don't protect and look after the land it won't look after them. A large part that gives significant purpose to an Aboriginals birthplace and land are totems. Totems are very important to the Aboriginals because totems give the certain person a purpose, roles, responsibilities, and spirituality. These responsibilities are different for males and females, female business is usually cooking, looking after children, gathering food, etc. Male business is usually hunting, protecting the tribe, etc. Animal totems are given to Aboriginals depending on their place of birth, the animal totem gives certain characteristics to the certain person that has the totem. The animal totems are connected with their spirituality and their life meaning. Aboriginals believe that there are spirits in the land, some of these spirits are ancestral spirits that created the land. The connection that a person has between them and the land is very important because it is ultimately part of them, because everything is telepathically connected.
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